Global Shipment Tracking Platform
TrackingYee,One-stop order inquiry and monitoring, logistics report management system. It can support users to track the logistics track of orders, monitor the timeliness of waybills according to the rules required by users, and support comparing the timeliness promised by logistics service providers. Logistics data at a glance, select quality suppliers; Respond to and handle abnormal waybills effectively, solve 80% of your after-sales problems, and make your business healthier. Intelligent monitoring waybill, multi-dimensional timeliness analysis, your trustworthy logistics butler!
Track the track of the parcel waybill
Once the query, the system can automatically enter and regularly track the update status
Various ways of waybill import: simple operation, clear data status
Intelligent aging monitoring and warning
Support the custom setting of different platform logistics evaluation prescription rules and monitoring
Support custom logistics commitment time assessment
Order abnormal status warning
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Multi-dimensional report data presentation
The system can form reports according to the distribution of different platforms, stores, logistics providers, countries and regions
Display distribution charts of parcel waybills on different delivery dates
More personalized features are waiting for you to solve 80% of your after-sales problems and make your business healthier.
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Shipment Tracking